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Synthetica EP News!

2009-02-02 15:33:01 by ElectronicEP

Check out the Electronic EP project "Synthetica!"

You can purchase the album from the iTunes store by clicking here!

Because this is a collaborative effort of many Newgrounds Audio Artists, I strongly encourage you to check out everyone's material. A list of artists is as follows:

SolusLunes (Solus Lotus)
nal1200 ft. LiraLei (Lira Yin)
Quarl (Ruqal)
Envy (~EnV~)
Ethalyn (BeatSource)
SMA (Synthetic Music Apparatus)
Helixmusic (Helix)
F-777 (Jesse Valentine)
Danredda (DaNReD)
Shadow6X6 (Astrix)
Bahdshah (Redmoon Deejay)

I'd like to thank everyone that purchases the EP, and i'd like to put out a special thanks to everyone that's helped promote it.

Be sure to tune in to Radiogrounds as well for some great NG music, as well as much, much more. The DJs there are local users here on NG, and I must say it's by far the best radio station EVAR!


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2009-02-05 18:13:57

Amazing!!! Boy! I'll buy the album as soon as I get some $$$ I promise (or until my birfday :P) but it is my patriotic duty to support my NG comrades, besides all the tracks sound really hot! :D

I hope you make another EP, I'll definitely take part on the next one ; )

Peace my newground brothers!


2009-02-06 15:18:50

tell me what radio grounds is, please


2009-02-11 10:43:42

I'll be purchasing the album when I'm not so broke. I'll probably be less broke after I win the next mac :p


2009-02-18 22:59:36

Great success!

Good idea, hope everything turns out how it should. I just realized Helix isn't Helix6.. ah well! I looked at his music and I like his too :P.

All is well that ends well.


2009-02-26 16:33:17

Do we have to buy it on iTunes, or do you guys have a CD version aswell?


2009-02-27 11:26:40

ignore my revie i get it now


2009-02-27 19:21:36

I bought it! Have fun with your royalties!


2009-03-02 18:20:35

I'll be getting my copy next week!


2009-03-08 18:24:16

I bought your album and i am actually pretty impressed.


2009-03-09 13:53:36

I like reading the views where the demo gets downrated because "It just sounds like a bunch of different songs"


2009-05-20 15:35:18

Haha envy yeah