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A collab account designed to promote the Newgrounds Electronic EP titled "Synthetica," and all other future projects. Voice and concept by nal1200


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NOTE: This is an organized way to gain money from making music. You will pay NOTHING for the distribution. Before posting a reply, please read entirely through the following information.

So this is the second Electronic Extended Play, what exactly does that mean?

It is the idea of a compilation album created to generate both revenue and exposure for the selected artists on said album. If you are at all familiar with the business industry, you'll know it's especially difficult to make a name for yourself when you work alone. This concept will hopefully continue to provide a catalyst for many of the artists on Newgrounds. You can find the thread for the first EP here.

Okay, so how exactly does this work?

The big picture is that by combining an assortment of tracks produced by the artists here on Newgrounds, you are actually increasing the likelihood of having your track(s) noticed, compared to going solo. In other words, the more the artists vary, the bigger the fanbase, which in turn provides more listeners for all of the tracks. The album will be distributed to all of the major digital music providers such as iTunes and Amazon MP3.

So this will be a compilation/various artists album, what would be my responsibilites in this project?

Each artist would submit one (1) selected track for the album, something that relates to electronic music, i.e. Techno, Trance, Dance, Ambient, Industrial, New wave, Drum 'n' Bass, Breakbeat, Miscellaneous etc. Once the tracks are compiled, you have no further obligations. The way you want your track and artist name to be displayed will be important though. An idea for a track might be: "I like pie Ft. Weebl" by Bob. Note that punctuation will be standardized, and it is highly encouraged, but not required, that you stick with your Newgrounds username to ensure your fanbase will recognize who you are.

Okay, so how much am I paying?

Are you ready? YOU WILL PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That's right. All you will do is submit a demo of your track to the portal. If your demo is chosen for the compilation, you will then submit your final version of your song to the compilation, and then earn your share of the profit (discussed below.)

So how is this being setup? How do I make money?

A company I and several other artists are familiar with, Tunecore, will provide the means to distribute the album to digital retailers. From here, their official terms of service will come into play.

I have worked with them for over two and a half years now, so you have my word that the business is honest and fair.

Because I am paying for all launching expenses, I will be signed to the account. When profit is made, the sum TRACKS profit is divided into its respected quantities depending on how many copies YOUR track sold. The remaining profit, the ALBUM profit, will be equally divided amongst each contributer to the album.

The integrity policy is the number one rule here. Everyone is entitled to their own earnings, I am simply the facilitator of said earnings.

For receiving earnings, you absolutely MUST have a paypal account. Paypal allows for instant transactions without mailing fees and is incredibly easy to use for cross continental transactions (because many people are in the UK, Australia, USA, etc.)

Cool! So what kind of electronic music can I submit?
You can submit anything you like as long as it does not violate copyright laws and is (let's be honest) enjoyable to listen to. For obvious reasons, you cannot submit tracks already existing in the Newgrounds Audio Portal. It should be noted that music with vocals are more often listened to, though remember that writing good lyrics and mastering them in the track can be a difficult process!

So how do I sign-up for this compilation album?

People familiar with the first EP will notice that signing up is a bit different this time around. Because the amount of interested participants has increased, auditions have become necessary to fill the available spots on the album.

Okay, so how do I audition?

The audition will take place in a way very similar to the Monthly Audio Contests held here in the Audio Portal. You will submit a CLIP/DEMO/SAMPLE of your song to the portal for judging.YOU MUST SUBMIT SAID CLIP/DEMO/SAMPLE BY OCTOBER 1ST FOR QUALIFICATION.

Right, so what should I create for my submission into the second Electronic EP?

Auditions will be judged based upon the following criteria:

-Musical Substance of Material (Does it sound interesting)
-Technical Substance of Material (Does it sound professional)
-Suited Appropriately (Does the genre fit into "Electronic")
-Created Appropriately (Does the song fit the 2:00-7:00 length)
-Rendered Properly (Is the song a rendered WAV file at 1411kbps)*

*-Note that the CLIP/DEMO/SAMPLE you will submit as an audition will NOT be in WAV format, but MP3. The final songs that are selected, however, WILL have to be rendered in the aforementioned WAV format to be put onto the EP.

Great! So i've got a song, and it fits the above criteria. So do I just submit a clip of it to the portal and link it here?

Yep! Just copy and paste the URL into this thread and you'll officially be entered into the judging for the second Electronic EP.

Be cautious, however, because if you plan to submit a sample track for judging, we are expecting you to go through with the obligations if you are picked for the EP. This means that you are expected to finish your track by the submission deadline which will be determined after the sample-judging process. PLEASE HAVE THE INTENTIONS OF PRODUCING A FULL SONG WHILE MAKING YOUR SAMPLE CLIP. THERE IS NO BACKING OUT!

Also, you are allowed to submit only ONE (1) track, so be sure you link the one you want to be judged and sold!

So what if my song is selected to be on the EP?

If your song is selected, all you'll need to do is send me (nal1200) a PM via newgrounds, providing your e-mail address and the e-mail address that is signed to your paypal account. This will allow me to add you to the mailing list!

The amount of songs selected will vary depending on how long each is designed to be. As a general measure, there will be no less than 10 and no more than 15 songs selected.

Okay, so when do we ship the album?

The album will be shipped once all of the tracks have been gathered from the selected artists after the judging period. A determined time for the FINAL products of the songs has yet to be decided. However, you should remain focused on hammering out the details well before a deadline is picked. Once the album has been shipped, it will take roughly two to three weeks to begin showing up in stores.

So until October 1st, you have time to produce a well-made sample of your track, good luck!

Here's the current selection for album art!

Electronic EP #2 is a go! -NG Audio Community

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